4 Cactus Plants For Your Garden

Do you plan on creating a cactus garden for your home? Or are you adding a few cactus plants or succulents in your front or backyard? The popularity of cactus and succulents has rapidly risen in garden design because of their iconic images as well as their fruits and pads that are used in making salads and cocktails. Most beginners would start in small pots or containers just for novelty since landscaping using these plants takes experience and knowledge. Visit this site https://amico.com.au/ for expert landscape design and garden maintenance.

Working with these native desert plants requires some research and understanding of their sunlight, soil, and watering needs for them to thrive. If you are still deciding about what type of cactus to plant in your garden, then below are some of the most attractive and popular cacti that you can include in your landscape design.

  1. Golden Ball Cactus

The golden ball cactus, also known as the yellow tower or lemon ball cactus, has yellow flowers and spines that are long but harmless. It grows at about three feet tall and forms in clusters which make it a smart choice for fire-resistant landscaping. Some may confuse this cactus with the golden carrel cactus, but you can easily distinguish them since the golden ball cactus becomes more columnar as it grows. This cactus is an excellent choice for beginners to grow and is a great addition for gardens as well.

  1. Claret Cup Cactus

Another popular cactus that you can add in your landscape design is the claret cup cactus which is also known as the hedgehog, kingcup cactus, and Mojave mound cactus. What makes this cactus well-liked in gardens is its bright red flowers that bloom in spring and its juicy fruit that turns orange when ripe and tastes like strawberries. It also has the potential to grow to 3 feet high and 6 feet wide. In landscaping, claret cactus cups are popularly planted along with poppies, sage, native grasses, and penstemon. If you want expert help in planting and adding this to your garden, you can always contact skillful gardening services Maroubra like Amico to assist you.

  1. Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

Strawberry hedgehog cactus has many names in the gardening world such as saint’s cactus, purple torch, strawberry cactus, and Engelman’s hedgehog cactus. They are small cactus that have free-branching molds or clusters of erect stems that are sometimes prostrate and grows about twenty-eight inches in height. It also has sharp ornamental spines that thickly cover the surfaces of the plant. Strawberry cactus is famous for its purple-magenta flowers that bloom in spring, and it is often attracted in drought and rock tolerant gardens along with other wildflowers and succulents growing beside it.

  1. Orchid Cactus

If you want stunning 4-inch blooms various colors, then the orchid cactus that is native to Central America is the one for you. The orchid cactus, also known as Epiphyllum, have flowers that bloom in pinks, yellows, whites, oranges, reds, and shades in between which makes it a garden favorite. It is also known as the climbing cacti and leaf cacti and may grow to epic proportions if you have a tropical climate. You can put them in hanging baskets as they filter sunlight outdoors or hang them in large trees to make it thrive.

Final Word

Growing your cactus garden can be quite challenging and difficult at first, but these low-maintenance plants will make you fall in love once they start blooming flowers in spring and thrive in your home.


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