What makes a good shopfitter?

What Does A Shopfitter Do? T ONE Projects

It could be that you need the services of a certified Shopfitting company Newcastle. To ensure selecting a reliable one, you need to know the general skills that the shopfitter is to have.

Selecting a reliable Shopfitting company Newcastle

  • Budget: It specifies clearly the amount that each shop fit out is likely to cost. It is generally broken down to material cost, labor, display fittings cost, and others. 
  • Deliverables: It comprises of specifications detailing precisely the type of work to be conducted. It needs to be quite specific detailing every phase involved in the shop fitting procedure.
  • Timescale: It specifies what duration each phase is to take along with completion date.

What other aspects will the shopfitter process involve?

  • Joinery: Almost all shopfitters would have joinery and skilled joiners in their workshop. This may to be fit equipment within the shop, manufacture bespoke furniture, shop counters or shop display units.
  • Design: With a CAD design, you can get to see your shop’s layout much early with the help of Shopfitting company Newcastle. Early designing and planning the shop layout helps prevent expensive alterations in the future.
  • Plumbing & Electrical: The shopfitter might subcontract this work to local electricians and plumbers. However, large, reputed shop fitting companies may have employed in-house electricians and plumbers.
  • Metal work: It is used only in metal like specialist staircases for shops.
  • Security: Your shop’s nature is likely to dictate the kind of resources to dedicate towards security. You will require investing in a secure shopfront, if you own a jewelry shop. But shop security will occupy less priority for shops selling fruits and vegetables.
  • Signage: The shopfitter should be able to produce quality signage. It will help draw potential customers passing by the shop.
  • Shop fittings: The shopfitter should be in a position to fit all type of shop fitting that you have. If required, they should also assist you with the purchase. The well-established Shopfitting company Newcastle might have some setup with a few display shop setting stores. Thus they can help you to shop items at reduced prices.
  • Maintenance: Some shopfitters also offer shop maintenance works, both externally and internally. If your shop is poorly maintained, then it will not be visually appealing and business is likely to reduce significantly. Moreover, if not taken care on time, then even small maintenance work is likely to develop into a larger, expensive one.

Hiring a specialist Shopfitting company Newcastle will enable you to enhance the looks of your shop and make it inviting.


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