Things To Know About The Car Rubber Mat

A floor mat is an accessory made of fabric reinforced with rubber, allowing the protection of a vehicle’s carpets against dirt or wear. It is as much a practical accessory as a possibility to personalize your vehicle. There are fully plastic versions for excessive or intensive use or in velvet for more comfort.

Car manufacturers all offer mats referenced according to their models, offering the advantage of being designed and cut to the exact shape of the passenger compartment. Otherwise, it is then a question of buying the universal carpet that will best suit your vehicle.

Car Mats: Choose The Right One

Mats can be purchased individually, in sets of two (front or rear) or sets of four (front and rear):

  • The conductive mat is recognizable because it will generally have a high centered reinforcement. This fabric or rubber piece protects the mat from the driver’s action on the pedals (which causes more friction at the heels). It is advisable to favor thick reinforcements or plastic materials for their resistance.
  • The passenger mat is generally as significant, if not larger, than the driver mat because it is not limited by fixing the pedals. It has no central reinforcement.
  • The rear mats are smaller in size than the front mats. Their cut is rarely symmetrical except in the case of universal carpets purchased outside the dealership.

Purchase Of Your Car Mat

A carpet purchased in concession, theoretically adjusted for your vehicle, will allow an exact fit. This means better surface protection, unlike the universal mat, which may reveal unprotected areas. In both cases, it is advisable to choose a safe and reliable fixing system. Fastening is understood to mean a system allowing the groundsheet to be secured to the vehicle carpet (or any other attachment point):

  • Several versions depend on the manufacturer, ranging from plastic hooks to magnetic stitching through Velcro/scratch systems.
  • The fastening system is an accessory for passenger carpets, especially in original carpets, which are adjusted and hold relatively well on their own.
  • It is pretty different for the driver. A floor mat must be fixed to the ground to prevent it from rising while driving and from getting stuck under the pedals, leading to hazardous situations where the driver is distracted or unable to operate the clutch or brake.

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