Should I put Marble into My Home?

One of the common stone types observed as flooring or countertops is marble. It is a beautiful stone made from limestone and dolomite. The stone goes through extreme conditions of heat and pressure and evolves as a unique one. The creation process of the marble makes it distinctive from other stones. The veining that shows on the surface makes the marble.

The marble surface gives a stunning natural addition to any house. Its appearance attracts our attention and provides coolness to the house on hot summer days. But despite certain advantages, it also has some setbacks. So, now the question comes that should it be used in our houses or not? If yes, what should be done to reserve the charm?

As a buyer, we are always concerned about putting marble in our home. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages for this stone-

Advantages of marble in your home-

  • The stone has an everlasting appeal and can never go out of style. It will surely bring a good resale value to your house.
  • Any granite cannot compete with the white color marble. It has a tint of royalty to it which could not be obtained from any other stone.
  • The marble stone is widely available which makes it less expensive as compared to other stones.
  • The veining in the marble depicts an illusion of elegant design patterns that give a very appealing look to your house.

Disadvantages of marble in your home-

  • The marble flooring requires skilled laborers and technicians. Marble will look very exquisite with the professional installation.
  • The weight of the marble is more which makes it extremely heavy stone. That is why you should make sure to put a strong quality marble in your house.
  • Marble is made up of calcareous material which makes it prone to acid etching. The material is so soft that it can be easily scratched. The scratches on the marble reflect very easily.,
  • It needs a good amount of maintenance. The cleaning process should be done with the highest degree of efficiency.

Not only marble, but every stone flooring requires maintenance. Thestone restoration must be done to keep the resale value of your house in check.

If you choose to put the marble in your house or no matter what you decide, Prestige Stone is here for you. Stone restoration works can be made easy for you. The restoration works specialize in cleaning and help in restoring the natural quality of the stone. The need to maintain a certain type of flooring is taken care of by the stone restoration services.

If you need any kind of help with stone polishing, stone sealing, epoxy, grinding in Brisbane, we will provide the highest quality work possible. All you have to do is look for stone restoration in Brisbane and book an appointment by selecting our services. As soon as everything has been finalized, we will be at your location to renew your flooring.

Hence, to answer your question – Marble is the apt material for your home as long as you look after the maintenance of the stone.


Wesley Kai Sanders: Wesley, a real estate appraiser, offers insights on home valuation, understanding appraisal reports, and trends in home prices.

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