Setting up an office: a checklist for self-employed people and founders:

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If you start your own business, you almost always need Office fitouts Newcastle for all activities and if you have to set up an office from scratch, you can quickly lose track of things.

Therefore, we want to make setting up the office easier with our checklist. We show what you should look out for when furnishing an office and give tips so that the office is complete and well-equipped in the end.

Sufficient space:

In-Office fitouts Newcastle, the very first thought is the space itself. Where should my office be? How much space do I have available to set up an office?

The optimal office has an area of ​​around 10m² per workstation. On the one hand, 10m² offers sufficient space for furniture, allows space for movement, and does not restrict it. After all, nobody sits in a tiny room to work all day.

In multi-person offices, if the area falls below 10m², the employees quickly move on the skin, which can reduce the ability to concentrate. Smaller rooms also increase the risk of accidents and possibly block life-saving escape routes. So be a little more generous compared to the office space if you want to set up an office.

Environmental influences:

The largest and most beautiful office is of no use if you cannot work properly because of noise and your productivity is reduced. Therefore, before planning for Office fitouts Newcastle, make sure that there are no disturbing sources of noise nearby. A poorly insulated office on the main road can quickly lead to headaches and stress.

Storage space:

When furnishing your office space, ensure that there is sufficient storage space in the form of filing cabinets and roll containers. The latter is advantageous for small desks.

For optical reasons, do not use open shelves for files and documents if possible. Put one or more shelves on the desk. This way you keep your office tidy and have important documents to hand in the relevant filing system.

Lighting conditions:

Working in the dark is no fun. Bright rooms are therefore perfect for work. There must be a window in an office room. Natural daylight is useful for our well-being and our performance.

When planning for office fitouts Newcastle, the office space should be equipped with lights that can brightly illuminate the room. Make sure, however, that the lights are installed in such a way that they do not dazzle or cause reflections on the screen.


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