Rusty Iron Contamination of Your Water Supply May Have Serious Effects

Your tap’s water color—is it bright yellow or dark red? Is there a discoloured ring around every washbasin in the house? Any colour between yellow and crimson is possible. Or has the water from the municipal supplier suddenly begun coming to you via unseen pipes? The water flowing out of your tap is obviously rusty since it includes a lot of iron, regardless of how you got here.

Maybe you’re wondering what risks there are to drinking rusty water. Continue reading to learn what may go wrong if you allow rust water flow unchecked inside your home.

Stains in the bathtub and washing machine mould

The most overt and apparent drawback of rust water is its coloration. Rust is so corrosive that it will cause whatever it comes into touch with to change colour. Your property has several lovely new amenities, like the washer, dryer, porcelain sink and bathroom. Rust stains may be challenging to remove if rusty water is allowed to rest or soak for a long length of time. No matter how many times you scrub the porcelain with bleach, the washbasin won’t get clean. Due to the pervasiveness of rust stains, the afflicted material is often replaced even after a fix for the issue has been established. It solves the issue of the rusty drinking water.

A Dish with a Bad Aftertaste

You probably already knew that from your experiences with the water from the tap that it is not a good idea to use rust water for cooking. Even though it would be very unlikely to become ill from consuming anything tainted with rust water, any food prepared in or using that water would unquestionably taste bitter.

With the potential exception of the char that emerges on a rare burger or steak, most customers aren’t seeking such harsh tastes. Rust adds a sour flavour to everything made with water when it enters the water supply.

Corroded, corroded iron pipe

However, you need to be aware that your pipes might get hurt if there is rust in them. Over time, corrosion may result in leaks, and rust particles may build up and cause blockages or slightly increase the corrosiveness of your water. Whatever the source, rust can cause havoc on your pipes. If rusty water from the water main is let inside the house, the likelihood of a pipe blockage and the pace at which pipes rust and corrode both rise. Your plumbing system needs a method for dealing with rusty water if you want to keep it functioning properly.

Iron Surcharge

It is quite improbable that consuming food or drink that has been cooked with rust would make you unwell in most situations. Drinking excessive amounts of rusty water, though, might make you ill from iron overexposure. Only members of the immediate family are susceptible to an iron-related sickness, which, if treated, may result in symptoms like weakness and nausea. The only people at risk are those who habitually take significant amounts of unfiltered water, often in conjunction with physical activity.


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