Porta Potty vs. Outhouse: What’s The Difference?

The way people handle sanitation and human wastes have evolved over the past decades. Other than the traditional bathrooms, other alternatives like outhouses and porta potties have been introduced to cater to different situations. If you are providing restrooms for concert festivals, parks, or campgrounds — you can opt for outhouses or porta potty rent.

The main difference between these two alternatives is portability. Porta potty, as what the name implies, is a portable restroom. It is available in different styles and sizes; depending on your needs, you can avail of a porta potty with more sophisticated features.

An outhouse, on the other hand, is a small structure that can’t be directly accessed from the main building. This outbuilding is composed of an enclosed structure and a pit. It only usually contains a seat over a cesspool. In this structure, the only part that’s portable is the exterior housing. You have the option to move the shell of the system into a new area with a fresh pit, or continually use it there and simply pump out the wastes as if you’re pumping out a septic tank.

Porta Potties vs. Outhouses

From convenience to cleanliness, here are some of their major differences between an outhouse and a porta potty rent.


Obviously, human wastes are home to a plethora of harmful microorganisms. This is why it’s important to maintain a clean restroom. In porta potties, special chemicals are used to break down waste and kill off harmful germs and bacteria. This feature minimizes the risk of spreading hazardous microorganisms in the area where the portable restrooms are located.

On the other hand, outhouses can be bothersome in a way that you’d have to handle flooded waste pits, bore through them and even sort utterly unpleasant wastes to keep them well-functioning. In this sense, porta potties offer a more manageable way to handle human wastes.


Maintaining unconventional restrooms can really be quite challenging — may it be an outhouse or a porta potty.

As mentioned above, cleaning an outhouse is a messy experience. Typically, you’d have to use a manual auger to get the stored waste — and you can only avoid this part if you have plenty of time to let the waste decompose naturally (which will take months). But given that you have the time, you’d have to combat odor and it’s being unsanitary.

If you’d go for a porta potty rent, you only have to pull the waste tank away, flush its contents, clean it, and put it back to the porta potty. And if you’re not into this sort of task, you can tap the services of your porta potty provider and let them do the maintenance job for you.

Restroom experience

Combining convenience and cleanliness, there’s certainly a strong reason why many people prefer porta potties over outhouses. More modern designs of these portable restrooms even have more features to make your restroom experience notches more superior. For instance, some even have porcelain toilets, mirrors, and odor-neutralizing chemicals among others.

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