How to Turn Your Living Room Space into a Paradise with Modern Sofas

If you visit most homes, one thing that many people consider a ‘must have’ is the sofa. Indeed, it is the most used piece of furniture in the house. You relax on the sofa to watch the favourite TV program, host guests, or re-energize after a long day at work. Now, you can use modern sofas to turn your space into a paradise. Here are some great ideas.

Go for an L-shape Arrangement with Modern Sofas 

When working with sofas, the thrill comes from the harmony it strikes with other décor installations. One of the top options is the L-shape arrangement. It helps to create a cosy feeling especially with the corners that cuddle up at the edges. The arrangements of the modernist sofa will work more effectively if you strike a slight colour contrast as opposed to a complete match. For example, a sofa with brown upholstery can match well with gray flooring and white coloured walls. Do not hesitate to try with other colours. 

Use the Modern Sofas in Pairs 

To make your living space more enthralling, you should consider using modern sofas in pairs. It is simple yet clean and stylish. The arrangement works well especially for people with large spaces because it can seat a lot of people. This means that whether you have a big family or plan to host parties regularly, this idea works very well. But this is not all!

Using a pair of the modernist sofa facing each other is a great way to divide the room. It works very well, especially if you have elongated narrow rooms. To enhance the ambiance, consider using throw pillows of contrasting colors. A round table positioned at the center with a bouquet of flowers and a matching area rug can also be used to further make the room more attractive. 

Set the Modern Sofas with Chairs 

One of the top designs that work well for most rooms is placing the sofa with chairs across from it. The impressive thing about this design is that you can select the chairs that have the right dimensions to fit in the available space. For example, if the living room has a lot of space, a deep pair of armchairs will work very well. However, like mentioned on TimothyOulton’s website, more upright chairs will work well with modern sofas if the area is tight. 

If your living area has many doorways, placing chairs directly across the sofa might not work. Therefore, consider placing them at an angle so that crossing the room is easier. If you are using leather sofas, it is advisable to go for top designs such as leather armchairs.

Use the Modern Sofas and Area Rugs to Create Sense of Space 

To make the living space an irresistible paradise, it is prudent to have some amount of exposed flooring around the rug. This is crucial to strike the right balance in the room. The recommended space with contemporary sofas is to leave 12-18 inches of the exposed area around the area rug. This means that your sofas should be placed around the rug as opposed to on top of it. However, placing the front legs of the couches on the rugs is also okay.

For people with limited space, all the legs of the sofa should be on top of the rug. But it is also advisable to adopt other strategies such as the hanging shelves or corner units to help free space. 

The Final Take 

The modernist sofas have become the ultimate furniture pieces helping to define interior décor and turning homes into paradise. The secret to using contemporary sofas is to understand your space and going for what helps to bring harmony and facilitate an easy flow of energy. Make sure to use one or several ideas outlined above to make your space the living paradise you have always dreamt of.


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