How to Give Windows Privacy without Blinds

Sometimes, our windows leave a little space prone to those prying eyes, including a public display. For privacy reasons, the windows should be covered. While the use of blinds is one method, sometimes, they are not often attractive to use. 

Unusual window configurations or hard frame material needs the homeowner or whoever is in charge of the decoration to be very creative to provide window privacy in the absence of blinds. Measure the window to ascertain if any hardware can be placed in or around the frame. Consider these alternatives for concealing the windows.


Place curtains or draperies on the windows. Sheer’s usher in light while deforming the view. For draperies, they go below the windowsill and are drawn for privacy reasons. Curtains, on the other hand, are sleeker and shorter than drapes but are still quite effective.


Consider planting a shrub outside a ground-level window. You can make use of an evergreen variety to provide year-round leaves that offer extra privacy. As required, prune and maintain.


Install shutters on the interior or exterior of the windows to reduce or kill the visibility of the room. You can decide to open or shut it anytime you wish. Shutters tend to obscure light when shut.


Mount outdoor retractable awnings to conceal the window, offer privacy and impede sunlight as required. These can either be automated or manual. Some models come with a remote controlling device for comfortable movement. 


Relocate a huge piece of furniture to the front of the window. Make sure you conceal it, so it remains invisible from inside the room.


Install an indoor wooden privacy screen. This is great for windows such as bay windows or unusual-sized openings with a ledge. You can also go ahead to make one for a custom fit. Make it beautiful by painting it with a color that matches the window trim or furniture.


Make an affix window boxes to the exterior of a short window. With the aid of tall flowering plants or those that have bushy leaves, block a view inside. 


Make use of a wooden cornice board to match the decoration of the room; you can decide to paint the slats for extra color or conceal it with batting and fabric match with the furniture. 


You can block the view from the outside by applying an opaque film to the window. This film can take the semblance of frosted or stained glass and can be purchased from several craft stores.

If you feel your privacy issue is due to a certain defect in your window, ensure you don’t hesitate to carry out a window replacement if the issue isn’t fixable.


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