How are Shop Fit Outs Conducted – Step By Step Guide

Shop fitting is referred to process of having retail and commercial units prepared, inside-out, with proper fittings, fixtures and equipment. Fitting out refers to the process of preparing the shop space. The process of Shop fitting is quite complex. Here are the steps of completion of the shop fit outs Edinburgh process:

Shop floor planning

The process begins with business shop floor planning according to the purpose for use of the space, given that the space needs to be used optimally. It is also essential to have recommendations and advice regarding store planning applications.

Designing and layout

Next, it is important for focus on the retail space design and layout. In the present market, it has become even more essential to have a unique, creative design to be able to make a shop outstanding from the competition. When you hire specialist shop fit outs Edinburgh contractors and designers, the job can be much easier.

Fittings and fixtures

The fittings and fixtures, like freezers, display cabinets and shelving, have to be designed as well as planned with a lot of care. You have to set up AC systems to ensure a pleasant ambience for all your staffs and potential consumers. It can ensure a more pleasant working and shopping environment.

Installation of retail equipment

It is important to source as well as install retail equipment. Counters will be designed by shop fit outs Edinburgh professionals, as per your needs. The space must have an ergonomic and friendly design, ideal for ensuring a proper image as well as a pleasant check-out experience.

Proper lighting

Your shop items can be showcased better with perfect lighting. The merchandise can look bright and fresh, when proper illumination is used. The lighting requirements would be assessed by shop fit outs Edinburgh contractors, who would offer the cheapest and best illumination solutions – customized for your store.

Electrical and plumbing work

These must be done in a proper way, for complementing all the designs and for giving a proper finish to all the aspects of the work, as well as for ensuring the best quality and the highest standards. Custom designed or suspended ceilings would be planned, for satisfying the building design requirements.


All kinds of flooring, whether wood or flooring, would be considered in order to make the store appropriate for commercial usage in a busy ambience. Shop fit outs Edinburgh contractors can help you with this.


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