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As a prominent decking fitters Newcastle services provider in the region, we have always tried to enhance our clients’ interactions with us. We’ve embraced that work and made it into our 360-degree pleasure concept. That is, we constantly endeavor to make our clients’ and licensees’ life easier by providing a hassle-free service for all parties involved.

With that in heart, our in-house IT team developed an intelligent approach that optimizes the gardeners’ timetables and lowers their transit time among tasks. Consumers may also view real-time accessibility through our application and online reservation systems.

Types of Decks Installation Offered to Our Valuable and Referred Clients

Following are the two types of Decking Fitters Newcastle services offered to our clients:

  1. Softwood and Hardwood Installation of Decks

Both softwood and hardwoods decks may provide a distinctive feature to any outdoor space. If ruined, they may be polished and lubricated, but with good care, your new garden structure can endure up to 30 years. Softwood deck panels are less expensive than hardwood products, so if you are on a limited budget, this may be the best alternative for business.

  1. Composite Decking Panels Installation

Composite decking panels are manufactured from a combination of wood fibers and polymer, giving your new fantastic outdoors feature both water-resistant and non-slippery. It’s a low-maintenance alternative to traditional decking planks, and frequent jet cleaning is all that’s required to keep it looking fresh. Mould, fungus, and decay will not be a concern with hardwood plywood. Oiling and dyeing will also be unnecessary, so if all of this seems appealing, engage the Fantastic Gardener to alter your landscape.

Additional Services Offered for Cleaning and Maintenace of the Decking Platforms in Outdoor Area

Here are some of the top-quality decking fitters Newcastle services for the decks:

  1. Decorating the Patio in the Outdoor Area. Add patio lighting to your backyard decking area and make it to the next level. We can place them all around the area or incorporate them in the planks to draw attention to it. Of course, we also can install landscape lighting in other parts of your yard.
  1. Repairing and Restoring the Damaged Decking Panels. Unless you already have a deck but some of the planks are damaged, we can assist you to repair or restoring them. In addition, if your deck has worn off now and discolored panels, we may assist you in restoring it. We provide pressure cleaning, washing, lubricating, and refinishing services to maintain the original appearance of your hardwood deck.

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