Easy Steps On Moving Your Fish Tank To Another Home

Unlike other furniture and equipment, moving a fish tank is a very tricky and complicated process because it has a high risk of damaging the aquarium in one false move. If you are planning to move cross-country, selling your tank might seem like the best option for you. However, it is still possible to relocate your tank safely to your new home with the help of professional yet cheap removalists in Sydney like Bill Removalists Sydney to assist you.

Careful planning and specialized handling can make your plan to move your fish tank successful. If you want to know more, then keep on reading below for some easy steps on moving your fish tank to another home.

  • Always Prepare Your Fish For Transport First

Aside from making sure your tank doesn’t get damaged, it is also important to prepare your fish to avoid shocking it during the travel. Always keep it in the same water and place it in a plastic bag or a pail that has never been used before and leave room for some air. You can also opt to use a mix of tank water and fresh distilled water for less sensitive freshwater fish. Also, if you have a variety of fish in your tank then make sure to keep the aggressive species away from the fish they usually pick on if you decide to place them in buckets during the ride.

  • Remaining Water Should Be Drained Into Clean Pails

Draining your remaining water into clean pail is your next step. However, you need to bring your water if you have a saltwater tank to reduce the time you need to wait in before putting your fish back inside the tank. For live rock or sand, always make sure to keep them in the water to keep your microorganisms and invertebrates safe.

  • Start Packing Your Tank Equipment

After taking care of your tank water, the next thing you should do is to pack all your tank equipment. Some equipment you might have includes pumps, heaters, and filtering mechanism. You can place the filtered medium in a sealed pail and reinstall it at your new home for a short move. However, it is more advisable to buy a new filter if you are going for a long distance move. If you are unsure of how to pack your equipment or tank, you can always contact an expert and friendly removalists Sydney to Gold Coast by Bill Removalists Sydney to help you.

  • Disassemble And Wrap The Tank

Make sure that your tank is clean and ready for its new home before disassembling and wrapping it. Never use blankets to wrap your aquarium because it will likely get wet and sandy. Live rocks, sand, and fish should be placed in safe areas where they will not get disturbed much or encounter any object that may fall from time to time.

  • Set Up The Tank

Once you finally get your tank safely transported to your new home, it is time to set it up. Wait for the tank to get established before placing the fish back inside. For the meantime, you can place your fishes and aquatic creatures in a pail with adequate filtration and heating while waiting for the tank to get ready. Make sure to reassemble filter and heating system properly and to settle your live rocks in a permanent location before you place your fish back inside since unstable rock work is hazardous and can harm or kill them.

Final Word

Make sure you take note of these easy steps before you move your tank to avoid any casualties and ensure the safety of your fish and other aquatic pets.


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