Are You Interested To Know How You Can Replace a Kitchen Sink?

Replacing and installing any kitchen sink drain may not be too complicated plumbing assignment, but you must do it right, otherwise, it may end up in a big mess underneath the sink. There are sinks available of different sizes, shapes, and materials, quite a few of which are much trickier to work with as compared to others.

You may also take the help of plumbers Spring TX of Pillar Plumbing who offers various plumbing services to various properties in Kingwood and also the surrounding areas. In this post, we will share the procedure of replacing a kitchen sink.

1. Measure and mark the layout of your kitchen sink

To start with first decide where you will fix the kitchen sink and mark it after taking measurements.

2. Mark the cut lines on your counter

Also, you need to mark its location on the kitchen counter too.

3. Turn off the water supply lines

You must cut off the water supply line by turning off the main valve.

4. With a jigsaw cut a sink opening

By using the jigsaw blade the cut line, so that you can back the hole.

5. Install kitchen faucet

Set your sink upside down and then install your kitchen faucet on the sink.

6. Attach strainer over the putty of the plumber

Keeping the sink upside down, you can pack the plumber’s putty roll under the lip of the strainer and push it.

7. Set your sink and connect with the water supply

Now connect the water supply after setting the sink.

8. Connect the drain pipes

Now you can connect the sink with the pipes of the drain inlet.

9. Attach dishwasher drain and clean up

Also, attach the outlet of your dishwasher and clean up the area.

10. Smooth down the surface

Now smoothen the total area to offer an organized appearance.


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