A Look into the Designs of Ogee Skirting Board

Ogee is a trendy traditional design for skirting. They are called conventional not because they are very large or detailed, but they are known for their staple design. Ogee skirting board is used all over the UK. There are several designs available in Ogee Skirting Board listed below-:

  • Ogee 1
  • Ogee 2
  • Mini Ogee 1
  • Oscar
  • Regency
  • Vintage 1
  • Vintage 2
  • Profile 2

Let’s discuss all the models in detail.

Ogee 1

Ogee 1 design is based on classic Ogee look; it is simple but comes with a sweeping curve. The design follows the 50nm size, which is preferred in the industry.

Ogee 2

Ogee 2 is very similar to ogee one, but it comes with a round top and Ogee style curve. Because it is finished, it adds an extra decorative feature to the design and looks even more traditional combined with the other skirting boards.

Mini Ogee 1

Mini Ogee 1 is just similar to the Ogee 1 skirting board, but it is shorter than ogee 1 in size. It is a shorter version of the ogee one skirting. Most of the modern interiors and new builds are made with Mini Ogee 1 Skirting.


Oscar design is just similar to the ogee two design with a round top and a curve, but the difference is that Oscar comes with more rounded edges and some softer lines pattern. It is still traditional but can be adjusted in modern interiors.


Regency design looks a bit wild as compared to the others. It is also of the same shape as the others, but it is most rounded and curvy.

Vintage 1

Vintage 1 is also similar to all designs, but it is little modified with an added small rectangular groove just below the curves. This property of Vintage 1 makes it stand in the crowd of all other designs.

Vintage 2

Vintage 2 also includes the same curve as ogee, but it is perfectly angled with slope and matches with the level of the outer curve and plain section in the design.

Profile 2

If we look at the design of pattern 2, it is almost the same as the design of vintage one, but it doesn’t come with the rectangular groove, which is featured in the old 1 design. The top is angled to look sharp and longer than the normal to make it look unique. There is a scoop featured at the bottom of the profile two design, which makes it stand out among all other models of the ogee skirting boards. Tradition is also maintained in this design, but you can use it for modern interiors also.

At last, as we have discussed above all the ogee skirting designs, you can choose any design that matches with your choice from all models. Every design of ogee is skirting is unique, and your house will never look old and messy.


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