7 Ways How Chimney Sweep Can Help You Lower Your Energy Bill

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Chimneys are the conventional way of heating a home. But for them to remain safe and efficient, regularly hiring a Winchester chimney sweep is a must-do. A chimney professional cleans and inspects chimneys, fireplaces, and vents. If there are necessary repairs, they can also provide masonry work and relining services.

One of the best perks of enlisting a chimney technician’s help in lowering your energy bill. Here are seven ways they can do so.

They thoroughly inspect your chimney. The general rule of thumb is to hire a Winchester chimney sweep once a year. They have the skill, tools, knowledge, and experience to inspect all the critical areas and parts of your chimney and fireplace. With their careful evaluation, you can quickly identify which causes energy inefficiency and address it accordingly.

They remove ashes, creosote buildup, and other debris. As their job title implies, the primary job of a chimney sweep is to sweep or or clean chimneys. Their professional service is vital because they can get rid of ashes, creosote buildup, or any other debris that could hinder proper airflow within your house. Without these blockages, your fire can also burn hotter and improve your fireplace’s overall heat output.

They fix cracks and fill in crevices. Over time, cracks and crevices can develop in chimneys and surrounding walls or surfaces. When this happens, outdoor air — including the hazardous carbon monoxide (which is a by-product of combustion) — can seep into your place. Chimney sweeps are trained to address these openings. Reputable chimney cleaning companies, in particular, are guaranteed to use quality fillings to close such fissures.

They improve airflow by repairing the damper. Your damper regulates airflow in the chimney. When this critical component gets warped, it provides a channel for heat coming from your heating unit or cool air coming from your AC to escape outside. Apart from repairing warped dampers, a Winchester chimney sweep also applies sealer to ensure that your damper is tightly sealed.

They offer fireplace door installation. If you want to reduce your energy bills further, adding fireplace doors, covers, or inserts is recommended. With these things, your fireplace can burn hotter and longer fires without using additional fuel. Another way is to install metal flue liners, which can help cut down the amount of air the goes in and out of your chimney.

They can perform masonry work whenever needed. Because the chimney is exposed to several weather elements — from rain to snow to sunlight — it’s inevitable to develop masonry issues. If there’s a need to perform masonry or relining work, a chimney sweep can also do that. It’s part of their wide-ranging skills to ensure that your chimney is at its tip-top condition.

They can recommend the right fuel for you. Sometimes, fireplace inefficiencies can be attributed to the wrong use of fuel. To make your fireplace more economical — and, in turn, lower your energy costs — you can ask a chimney technician for the most suitable fuel for you.

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