Why your backyard deck should be installed with Composite Decking?

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A good number of home owners, new and existing prefer to install a deck. The backyard deck does appear quite inviting and a great place to relax for the whole family. Composite decking derby is getting popular these days. They do offer innumerous benefits.

Reasons to install Composite decking derby

  • Environment-friendly: WPC boards are mostly created from recycled materials, thus making about 90 percent of entire composition. The materials used are reclaimed mainly from recycled plastics and hardwoods. This, in turn, helps landfills to be free from plastic that is otherwise generated in huge amounts. A few suppliers claim to have FSC accreditation. This ensures responsible timber usage during the manufacturing process. Use decking that is made reclaimed hardwood and not rice pulp. The reason is because rice pulp-based decking may absorb moisture, thus causing premature decay and warping.
  • Low maintenance: Composite decking derby does not require much maintenance. It does not fade, rot, discolor, warp, twist, attract mould or termites unlike natural timber. Annual staining or oiling is desired by natural timber, thus involving costly materials and time. But composite decking does not require any oiling or staining at any point in time. Rather, you get to enjoy your weekends with your family members.
  • Affordable installation: Composite decking boards can be found standardized. When compared to natural timber boards, they are much larger. Thus, they can cover more areas quickly, thus saving on material and labor costs. Besides this, the decking that is supplied below ‘hidden’ fixings and below surface need fewer screws unlike natural timber. The latter requires at least four screws for every board used, irrespective of its length.
  • Standard sizes: You can find composite decking boards in standard lengths and widths. Thus, you can derive value worth your investments. There is no need to waste time trying to find out the appropriate board grade and size to fit your specific decking requirements. Thus, selecting Composite decking derby helps reduce time and quickens your project. Fewer joins can be derived even in longer lengths, thus reducing expansion risks.
  • Easy to install: Generally the composite decking board is installed within a sub-frame similar to that of natural timber. Thus, rotted timber can be replaced effortlessly without having to replace the frame. Moreover, below surface fixings allow easy and quick deck board laying. Thus, you can even try your hand in the installation process and save on money.

It is for the above reasons that your backyard should be installed with Composite decking derby.


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