When Should I Replace My Windows and Doors?

Windows and doors are some of the parts of your home with the longest lifespan, with the exclusion of damage in any form. This makes most people become overly comfortable with using their windows and doors for long periods (eons really) without making appropriate plans to replace them.

There are some all-too-expected reasons for changing your windows and doors, but it is important to do so at the right time, to avoid further damage. Here are the top signs and moments which tell you it is time to replace the windows and doors in your home with new sets.

  • Cracks 

Cracks in your window can be a sign of long-term usage, weather beaten defects or simply wrong handling. Whatever the case may be, a crack can develop into two cracks and eventually shatter the entire window or worse, hurt someone. Once you notice a crack in your window or door, the best option is to replace it immediately, to avoid more problems –technical and financial. 

  • Loose caulk

The caulk and sealant of your window wear out after a specific period of time, usually years’ worth of use, and the usual solution is to simply renew or reapply. However, if you have the financial capability, you can simply replace the window set as a whole. Make an entire renovation of it and repair/replace other fixtures and appliances in your home. 

  • Season 

Seasons change and some occur in varying extremes, particularly winter. While doing your annual winter shopping and renovation, include a new window set or doors replacement and get the best fit for the weather you are about to experience, therefore avoiding possibilities of a weather peak and damage to your furniture. 

  • Loose hinges 

These are usually the first telling signs that your windows and doors are ready to move on and you should be too. When the hinges that hold the doors or windows of your house begin to unravel and dangle, that’s the bell for removal. Take out the old windows and doors, and install a new set with improved sturdiness to last you a lifetime, with proper care and maintenance.

  • Age  

In some cases, you don’t need to wait for a sign. The sheer timeline of your windows and doors are all the awareness you need to replace your set. Don’t wait for the windows to fall, if it is old enough then it is old enough and should be replaced.

Windows and doors of good quality should not be stretched past their durability limit. Watch out for signs that your windows and doors are ready to be replaced and get best quality for replacement!


Wesley Kai Sanders: Wesley, a real estate appraiser, offers insights on home valuation, understanding appraisal reports, and trends in home prices.

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