The UK’s Most Exciting Interior Design Trends Of 2022

As we head into autumn and winter, interior designers are beginning to review the trends of 2022 that proved to be more than a passing fad. This practice is important because popular and established trends not only demonstrate the interior design successes of a year but also because they help to predict trends for the future too.

With this in mind, and drawing from the inspirations and experiences of leading interior designers, we’re sharing what have proven to be the UK’s most exciting home trends of the year and what they might each mean for future trends.


Biophilia in design manifests as affection for the biological and natural. Largely prompted by an interest in the natural world, as well as the health benefits it brings, residents are seeking new ways to increasingly create living spaces inspired by the outdoors.

For some, this can be simple and elegant floral prints or the use of earthen colours, such as blues, greens, and browns. However, for others, it is architectural, with angular designs being rejected for their industrial and modern associations, leading residents to, instead, design spaces that are rounded, soft, and even irregular, much like the organic designs of nature.

Home Professional

Working from home has become irreversibly popular, even as a few businesses seek to bring employees back into the office. As a result, homeowners are now adjusting and designing their residences accordingly, creating professional spaces that allow them to properly perform their job at home.

While many are contented simply to redesign their spare rooms or renovate their attic spaces, equipping them with video call-ready backdrops, some are establishing outbuildings in their gardens, such as with shed conversions and log cabins. These spaces are growing in popularity because they allow for the separation of professional life from the central home, confining workday tasks to the tranquillity of a garden.

Statement Pieces

From statement backdrops to statement lighting, residents are becoming more attuned to the power of design, wanting to embrace bold and interesting designs. Breaking away from the trend of sparse minimalism and coupled, instead, with a hint of maximalism, homes are seeing more colour, with white rooms being broken up by intricate and colourful wallpapers and fabrics.

Royal Nostalgia

Perhaps motivated by the influx of period dramas, there is a newly developing trend of regency and regality within homes. Antique stores are seeing greater demand for lavish and decadent pieces, those that have previously felt too audacious to be appealing, as homeowners decorate their homes with magnificent golds and silvers, as well as plush velvets and embellished furniture.

DIY Design

Another expression of self-improvement is that of DIY, with residents seeking to have a better handle on their own homes. Not only does developing such renovation skills reduce the need to rely on contractors, saving money as a result, but it also allows homeowners to create unique designs and create decor that has been made sustainably by hand.


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