How Thorough Are Professional Termite Inspections?

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Termites are tiny pests that live feed on wood, but they can cause major damage to your home’s foundation without you ever knowing it. To protect yourself from termite infestations, you can have an inspection performed by an expert before construction begins on your home or business. However, these experts are not required to be licensed in all states, so how thorough are these post and pre-construction termite control inspections?

Process Followed by Professionals for Termite Inspections and Eradication

A professional company that offers pre construction termite control services follows a defined process to inspect and treat your place against termites. Each step of this process is performed skillfully and carefully. Go through them below:

  1. Finding the main point of termite infestation

The experts will check your entire house or office thoroughly to find exactly where termites are entering into your property. They will keep an eye on each corner of your place like floors, ceilings, and corners of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas. They may even tell you the reason for infestation like excessive moisture, unwanted things, leakages, etc. In addition to this, they will tell you how seriously termites have attacked your place.

  • Putting the right method to remove termites

The second step of the process involves implementation of termite treatments. The professionals will see whether your place needs to be treated with post or pre construction termite control methods. If you are getting a new house, office, and factory constructed on a plot, you may need pre construction termite control procedure. On the other hand, if you are already staying or working at any property, it comes under post construction or regular termite control.

According to the requirement, the right method and strategies will be implemented. Everything will be done with thorough care to ensure best results and 100% peace of mind to you!

  • Follow-up Visits for Thorough Results

In order to ensure process thoroughness, the professional termite inspectors will visit your place several times within a specific tenure. They will follow-up with you to ensure everything is in place and you’re not being disturbed by termites again. If your place is again infested, they will re-treat your property with termite control process.

Hire 365 Pest Control Experts for 100% Thorough Regular and Pre Construction Termite Control

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