9 Most Common Causes Of Fires In The Workplace

Many fire incidents happen in non-residential areas and properties. That’s why as a business owner, it’s important to get your office and building equipped with a fire protection and suppression system. But apart from having them installed, fire sprinkler repair and maintenance should also be regularly done to help ensure that these systems function effectively.

In this particular read, we are delving into the nine common culprits behind fires in the workplace.

Faulty electrics. From loose wires to overloaded plugs, faulty electrics is one, if not the most common cause of workplace fires. It’s your responsibility as the employer to guarantee that all your office’s wirings and electrical machinery work properly and that your business follows fire safety protocols.

Misuse of equipment. Sometimes, people misusing equipment can cause a fire to break out. This is particularly prevalent in the construction and manufacturing industries. Oversight and maintenance of risky machinery should be strictly done.

Combustible materials. All workplaces use flammable and combustible materials. Papers, wooden furniture, oils, and chemicals. All these pose risks to the safety of your business. Store these materials properly and make sure you also dispose of such flammable wastes safely.

Clutter. While fire sprinkler repair is vital, you should not also neglect to tidy up your workplace. This preventive measure can be too trivial as many consider clutters less likely to cause a fire. If you have this thinking, you need to, well, think again — clean your office and make sure fire hazards are kept away from possible heat sources.

Heat and dust. The frequency of how you clean and maintain areas with heat sources (e.g. Heaters and microwaves) is also something you should be mindful of. Dust accumulation near these things, though happening slowly, can be the very reason why explosive fires take place in the office.

Lack of fire protection equipment. Besides being a legal requirement, every business should be installed with the proper fire alarm and suppression system. And as mentioned above, inspecting and maintaining these gears and devices should also be done. Fire sprinkler repair is just one of the many things you need to include in your fire safety to-do list.

Lack of training and knowledge. Even though your workplace is fully-outfitted with the most advanced fire protection technology, this will only go to waste if your employees don’t know how to operate it. Invest in training them extensively so you can make use of this equipment effectively should the need for it arise.

Human error. Have you ever heard of workers not reporting faulty electrical equipment? Or chefs leaving the cooking area unattended? These kinds of human error can also cause a fire breakout in a business setting. Impose strict protocols on how to keep your workplace as safe as possible.

Arson. Sometimes, arson is the heartbreaking reason why a fire breaks out in the workplace. To help prevent an individual or a group of people intentionally setting your business premises on fire, it’s recommended to install surveillance and motion-sensor lighting systems in strategic places within your area. You should also restrict access to areas packed with many fire hazards.

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