3 Simple Tips That Can Make Your Grocery Shopping Trips Quicker and Easier

Do you dread having to go grocery shopping because you’re afraid you’ll end up spending too much time and too much money at the store, only to come home without key items you actually need? If you struggle with efficient and effective grocery shopping, switching up your current strategies and implementing some simple tips could make a big difference. Here’s what you can start doing this week to make every grocery shopping trip quicker and easier than ever before.

1. Make the Most of Shopping Carts, Reusable Bags and Other Tools

If you head to the store without any important shopping accessories, you may find yourself limited in the quantity of goods you’re able to purchase. To help support your efforts and make shopping easier, be sure to use spacious carts with working shopping cart wheels, bring sturdy reusable bags to the store and keep a mini cooler in your car for frozen foods. These tools can allow you to purchase more in each trip, saving you time down the road.

2. Plan Your List and Strategy Carefully Before Heading to the Store

Having a written shopping list to take with you to the grocery store is essential to avoid overspending. Before you leave for the store, make sure you:

  • Write down must-buy items first
  • Include food items from all of the major food groups
  • Browse coupons and include sale items on your list
  • Opt to buy nuts, seeds, beans and dried fruit in bulk to save money
  • Plan to pick up healthy food at the store first before heading to the junk food aisles

3. Avoid Going Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Lastly, be sure to grab a quick snack before leaving for the store! Studies have shown that shopping on an empty stomach is often likely to lead to unnecessary purchases, overspending and even wasted time in the store. By making sure you’ve had a bite to eat before shopping, you can help bring up your energy levels and stay on track to get your shopping done quickly.

Even though grocery shopping may be a necessary chore, you don’t want to risk spending too much time or money at the store, especially if that means splurging on treats before buying the basics. To help you get organized before your next grocery trip, be sure to keep these simple tips in your back pocket. By using helpful tools, planning out your list early and having a snack before you go shopping, you can help keep your trips to the store as efficient and productive as possible.


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